Blue China, What is the Value?

Blue China Display

Blue China Passed Down for Generations

So you’ve had this blue china in the family for years;  Rumor has it, its been handed down from generation to generation.  It was your great grandmothers.  So it’s hanging there on your wall and your wondering could that possibly be valuable?

We run across this scenario time and time again.  And you know what, sometimes it is very valuable and other times it’s not.  The only way to be for certain is to have an appraiser take a look and see what you have.

Deborah Alexander of Alexander Appraisals and Estate Sales has been appraising china for over 20 years.  She is an accredited & bonded appraiser of fine art, antiques and residential contents.

Whether you have a single piece, an entire collection of blue china our appraisal specialists are available to satisfy all your appraisal needs with professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality.

Alexander Appraisals is based in Houston Texas, however, our antique appraisers travel anywhere in the United States or abroad should the need arise.

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